The new covenant Passover gaining attention of the world – 23 [WMSCOG]

Spreading the love of God the Mother in the world

This church gains attention of the world, carrying out volunteer services with love that regards seven billion people in the world as their family. Regardless of the decreasing number of Christians worldwide, the Church of God is growing by leaps and bounds. The church with 2,500 local branches in 175 countries in 2015 has more than doubled in two years to 5,600.

The Church of God is known as a church that “follows the Bible” and that “carries out sincere volunteer services for neighbors and communities.” We believe in God the Father and God the Mother according to the Bible and emphasize that the existence of God the Mother can be confirmed throughout the Bible, including Genesis where God said, “Let us make man in our image . . .” and in the image of God, male and female he created them. The Church of God keeps the seven feasts in three times annually, including the Passover of the new covenant, and sets the example of practicing the teaching, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” -WMSCOG-

Members of WMSCOG follow teachings of God the Mother

Members of WMSCOG have performed diverse volunteer services worldwide such as environmental cleanups, blood drives, helping underprivileged neighbors, disaster relief efforts, and supporting local events. Environmental cleanups have been conducted more than 4,000 times with about 500,000 participants until 2016. They have held blood drives continually that around 69,000 people donated precious blood. As one person’s donation of blood can save three people, they have saved more than 200,000 lives.


On December 13, 2016, the Church of God was invited to the UN CERF High-Level Conference which was held at the UN Headquarters in New York, U.S. It was for the first time for a church. The Church of God was invited to a conference where the ministers and representatives of member states, entities of the UN, NGOs, and observers were present, because the UN highly appreciated the Church of God’s sincere volunteer services.

WMSCOG, the only church that observes the Passover of the new covenant

The Passover is the feast that contains the meaning, “Disasters pass over.” It falls in March or April by the solar calendar. It is originated from the Exodus 3,500 years ago when the Israelites kept the Passover according to the word of LORD. As a result, they were protected from the great plague of killing the firstborn and released from slavery in ancient Egypt (Exodus 12).

Following the Bible, the Church of God observes the Passover of the new covenant holy every year. As Christ washed the feet of his disciples before the Passover, the church holds a foot-washing ceremony before the Holy Supper of the Passover. The Church of God is the only church nowadays that keeps the Passover of the new covenant according to the Bible. The church observes the seven feasts in three times annually: The Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Resurrection Day, the Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles. Each feast contains the blessings of God such as eternal life, forgiveness of sins, resurrection, and the Holy Spirit. -WMSCOG-

Rev 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thristy, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

The Passover is God’s precious gift to mankind. We wish all people to keep the Passover and receive the blessings from God the Father and God the Mother.


38 thoughts on “The new covenant Passover gaining attention of the world – 23 [WMSCOG]”

  1. The power of heavenly mother is so awesome. The world is witnessing the situation of WMSCOG.
    It can be possible because this is prophecy of God’s

  2. The love of God the Mother is spreading all around the world. Most people have come to God the Mother who gives us eternal life through the Passover of the new covenant.

  3. We have to believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father through the Bible. The only way to receive eternal life is to keep the Passover of the new covenant by Elohim God.

  4. The international attention to WMSCOG is growing and every year about 1,500 overseas members are visiting Korea where the gospel of the new covenant Passover began.
    That’s awesome!

  5. We are trying to be changed into a God the Mother-like children. Teaching of Heavenly Mother let us know the true love. Following her teaching, We want to express our mother ‘s love and glory with a beautiful good-deed.

  6. The glory of God the Mother is shone through all over the world according to the prophecy of the Bible. Currently all nations and peoples see Her glory and we give all thanks to God the Mother for allowing us to be praised from nations and peoples.

  7. It is very important for us to realize the existence of spiritual parents, God the Father and God the Mother through the Bible.

  8. Through the New Covenant Passover, we can be one body with Elohim God and avoid the disasters. Only the Church of God keeps it.

  9. I know, too. Keeping the Passover is the only way to pass disasters. I have heard stories of people who have survived in the disasters. It must be keep.

  10. It is amazing to see that the light of gospel is spreading so swiftly throughout the world. Let us take part in this work together that we may share joy and happiness together.

  11. Mother’s Love…. we can realize mother’s love in our home. Mother’s love is unlimited. Let’s suppose worldwide as family. Who will give unlimited love in the family? Father and Mother. Specially mother’s love is necessary to be taken care of life. So, the teaching of Mother will be saved all nations. Let’s change ourselves so as to make bright world after get mother’s love

  12. Yes, nowadays the Church of God is general world trend!! Through the good deeds according to the example of God the Father and God the Mother, many world granted awards. In that church, there is the Passover and God the Mother who gives us eternal life. So please come and receive the love of our God in this age in our Church!!

  13. God the Mother’s love is the love that she came to this earth for sinners from Heaven. so we spread the love of God the Mother around the world.

  14. This church originated from Jesus Christ 2000years ago.
    Nowadays churches are changed by man so people don’t what is real church and laws of God.
    Thru the bible you can check up which church is real Church which let us fined the way to Kingdom of heaven.

    1. Absolutely!! Jesus Christ has come a second time in this earth according to His word, the prophecy. And He, God the Father Ahnsahnghong who has brought a new name re-established the Church of God where saints keep the laws of God. I am so happy to understand and say to you.

  15. This article is based on accurate and objective facts about the Church of God.
    The Dong-A Ilbo, the major media company in Korea, published the same facts as the above article, too.
    That was great!

    1. Wow!! It’s delightful to hear that one of the Korean major media companies reported about World Mission Society Church of God. I feel very proud as one of the members. Also, WMSCOG and the glory of God Elohim would lighten the whole world according to the prophecies of the Bible.

  16. That the gospel is preached all over the world means Elohim God work according to prophecy in the Bible. We have to recognize this situation.

  17. To keep the Passover is very important in this age that disasters are happening. Let us receive God’s precious gift by keeping the Passover.

  18. I had attended church on sundays for 10 years and had never heard about the Passover. When I came to know the Passover, I was so shamed. Now I know every truth of the Bible in WMSCOG. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother!

    1. The same with me! Before the WMSCOG, I had no idea of the teachings from Elohim God. That is, I’ve never thought that Heavenly Mother came down with living wter.

  19. Yes. It is true that only church is WMSCOG where keeping the Passover. True church is proved by following the truth in the bible. Therefore our church is zion God dwells.

  20. When i hear this kind news i really thanks to God.
    Let me hear, see and act also believe what the bible says. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother.

  21. God’s prophecies have been fulfilled in their own time, without fail. So, God the Mother’s glory will cover the whole world and pplm will realize Her glory!

  22. It is natural that WMSCOG gains attention and praise of the world. Cause they follow the teachings of Mother and keep the commandments of God according to the prophecies of the Bible!

  23. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother for being those who enter the kingdom of God. If you wanna be one of them, you must believe the God who brings bread and wine, called the feasts “Passover”!

  24. The Passover is the love of God.
    It is the reality of the love of heavenly mother that gives eternal life through Passover.
    Everyone who aspires to heaven must realize the importance of the Passover and keep it together.

  25. The new covenant Passover is the only way to inherit God’s blood and flesh so that we can be truly children of God. So to those who partake in this feast, God allowed eternal life. Thanks to Father n Mother for giving this precious present for us.

  26. Truly Passover is most important feast that mankind should keep! THANKS TO OUR ELOHIM GOD for allowing us to keep the Passover!

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